One of the most appreciated amenities of the Venture Out property is it’s superb freshwater swimming pool! More than 80 feet in length, with a deep neck or (“L”), the pool affords four different entry step options at varying depths, plus two opposite-side ladders in the L. The pool is heated yearround.  A large “Kiddie Pool” is just next to the main pool and family members can easily take turns swimming and watching their toddlers at the same time.

Open until 11:00 pm every evening, there’s ample time in the warm summer months to enjoy an evening dip after dinner. There are plenty of lounge chairs, tables and straight chairs to gather with friends or sun quietly on your own. A cold drinking fountain is within the pool area.

There is also a large bath and shower building for men and women. A simple freshwater shower is just between the pool, the shower building and the swimming area in the large saltwater lagoon adjacent to the launch area.

Speaking of the swimming lagoon, throughout the year this is a terrific way to get your ocean swimming in without heading out to the open water. Please note there are NO rules in the swimming lagoon– common sense dictates.

Please review these POOL rules with your family to avoid being prohibited from using the pool. These rules are for your safety and the safety and enjoyment of others using the pool.


Pool Hours: 9:00 am – 11:00 pm

Maximum pool capacity 47 persons

Persons with a communicable disease or open body sores are prohibited from using the pool.

Children under the age of twelve (12) must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Children not toilet trained or incontinent persons are prohibited from using the “big” pool. No diapers or swim diapers in the big pool.

Persons playing “radios” must use headphones.

Shower before entering the pool.

No cut-offs. Bathing suits only.

No running, pushing or ball playing.

No rafts, chairs or floats.

No scuba equipment.

No fins. Masks and snorkels only.

No hanging on the safety rope.

No cursing, nor foul or abusive language.

No pets.

No food.

No glassware allowed in the pool area.

No drinks of any kind within five (5) feet of the pool.


 Reminder: Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.