Venture Out at Cudjoe Cay, Inc.

701 Spanish Main Dr., Unit #386

Cudjoe Key, Fl 33042

Guard Shack: 305-745-1982

Venture Out Office:  305-745-3233 (Hours: 8:00-3:00 Monday through Friday)

Store: 305-745-3743 (Hours: 7:00 – 5:30 daily)



IMPORTANT: All guests must register at either the office or the Guard House, 305-745-1982, or they will not be admitted.

Registration Fee per unit, SIX (6) people max: S50.00 + 7.5% tax: $53.75

Overflow parking (second vehicle and or one trailer, only; 14 days max), $2.00 if under 15 ft; $4.00 if 15 ft or above, per day. Improperly parked vehicles or trailers WILL BE TOWED at the owners’ expense! Anchor Towing is 305-745-1255.

NOTE: If you are renting or the guest of an owner, you are a guest of every owner of this park All of the facilities available for your enjoyment are made possible, financially and otherwise, by all of the owners. To protect their investment, we have established the following Rules and Regulations to which all of us must adhere. We ask that you adhere to them as well to insure that these privileges will not be denied you. Please read and obey the posted rules for use of the pool , spa, lounge, and tennis courts,  etc.


Each and every lot is private property. You are entitled to the use of the lot you are renting and the Common Use Areas. Please do not trespass on your neighbors’ property, you could be arrested by the Monroe County Sheriff Department.

QUIET HOURS must be observed between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am. Excessive noise or other nuisances are not permitted in the Park at any time.

Bicycles used after dark must be equipped with a working headlight and a tail reflector, or the rider must carry a lighted flash light. When walking after dark, please carry a lighted flashlight. WALK ON LEFT, BIKE ON RIGHT!

No overnight sleeping outside your unit is permitted. This includes sleeping in boats, vans or other transportation vehicles.

No boat, boat trailer or excess vehicle is permitted on any lot. They must be parked in the overflow lot. See charges above.

Only one (1) recreation vehicle, one (1) licensed transportation vehicle, one (1) motorcycle parked completelv within the boundaries of the unit’s designated driveway, and one (1) golf cart are permitted on each Venture Out lot.

You must have a valid driver’s license to operate any motorized vehicle in the park. Only battery powered golf cans may be operated within Venture Out. All·terrain vehicles (ATVs) may not be operated within Venture Out.

No vehicle or trailer may be parked on the street between 12:00AM and 6:00 AM, The parking of trailers, motorcycles, or any excess vehicles off the designated driveway is prohibited, with the exception of bicycles and one (1) golf cart. Overflow parking is available for an additional fee. See charges above.

Your boat may be docked only at the unit you are renting and must be within the boundaries of your seawall.

Parents/ Guardians are responsible for the safety and discipline of all children accompanying them; including the swimming pool. (See “Swimming Pool Rules”). Curfew for children under the age of 18 is 10:30 pm.

Florida Law requires the use of rubber sewer collars on sewer hoses at the point of entry. Collars are available at the V.O. Store.

Clothes lines are provided behind each bathhouse. Washing may not be hung to dry outside the dwelling. No appliances (freezers, icemakers, etc.) may be located outside or dockside of unit.

Open fires are prohibited except for gas and charcoal grills for cooking only.

Florida Law prohibits throwing trash in the canals or adjacent waters. This includes fish and lobster carcasses, which can be place in your garbage or one of our dumpsters, which are located by the boat ramp or the rear of the overflow lot.

No one shall discharge a firearm in the Park. This includes air rifles and spear guns,

Smoking is allowed in designated areas of the Park. SMOKING IS PROHIBITED ON THE DOLPHIN HOUSE UNIT 386 PROPERTY.

Fireworks are prohibited!!!

Please do not take lobster from any Venture Out canal. It is illegal to take lobsters from within 300 feet of improved shoreline, any canal and any marina. Law enforcement will be called and violators prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! Please observe all local Fishing and Lobster Catching Rules and Regulations.

Pets must be kept on a leash not ore than eight feet long. No more than two (2) household pets are permitted. Pets are confined to the unit’s lot. No walking a pet in the Park. You must pick up after your pet. Note that the owners of any unit, at their discretion,  may prohibit tenants from keeping any household pet on the premises. Unit 386 does not allow pets.

The Park prohibits more than six (6) persons to occupy one lot. Owners at their discretion may limit the number of occupants in their unit.

The refueling of boats at individual lots and the storage of more than one (I) standard 6 gallon outboard motor fuel tank containing fuel is prohibited. You may refuel only at the marina.

TRASH PICK~UP: MONDAYS & THURSDAYS. You are provided with a trash can in the ground at your unit (under the silver lid in the ground at the front of house). Garbage should be placed in plastic bags then in the metal can. Metal can must be pulled out of the silo and set out curbside on the morning of  Pick Up: DO NOT leave loose plastic bags of garbage curbside.

RECYCLING DAY: WEDNESDAY. All glass, aluminum, plastic, newspapers, etc. NO PLASTIC BAGS!

REMEMBER: Only one (1) car per lot—at any time. This includes highrises. All vehicles must be off the street and in the overflow parking area by 12 Midnight OR IT WILL BE TOWED.

Please remember to call in ALL of your guests; no one will be allowed into the Park without your consent.

No motorized vehicles whatsoever may be operated by unlicensed drivers.

Carry and use a flashlight after dark.